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At your service! [Erwin x reader] Modern!AU 1/2
New day, new challenges.
You woke up to the annoying sound of your mobile phone, ringing early in the morning. Grunting, a lazy hand searched the phone on the nightstand, occasionally making contact with several other things that happened to be in the way as your hand was slowly inching forward, without bothering to lift your head and look at what you hit and where you were exactly searching at. Finally you had your rectangular phone in the hand, unlocked it, the annoying ringing finally stopped, and held it to your ear, your face still hidden in the pillow.
“(full name) what can I do for you?”
“(f/n) we need you here! Gustav is driving you, get your lazy ass out of the bed.”
“But it’s 5 a.m. My shift starts at 8 a.m.”
“Enough, Pixis will explain it to you later. Now move your ass! We didn’t advance you so that you can strike roods!”
“I love you too Rico. Bye.”
Changing your nightgown with your black business suit,
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 69 33
Beyond the gates [Various x reader] Part 15
“The next rouuuund~ please” a busting voice echoed through the busy tavern.
Hanji’s cheeks were flushed a light pink as she pleaded for her next drink, drooling unconsciously on your sleeve while she watched the girl behind the counter run back and forth. She obviously drank too much and you could smell the alcohol in her breath as her mouth hung agape. You were upset that she drolled on your sleeve, but better your sleeve than your face, so you simply let her.
“(f/n), you didn’t drink anything yet, don’t you wanna have fun with us?” someone of your group asked. Mentally absent, you just heard how someone was talking to you and couldn’t quiet make out who the owner of the voice was. So instead of bothering to ask who had the guts to pull you back to reality, you just wanted to give a sloppy response.
“I think she already had fun with me.” Another voice cut of your word before it even left your mouth.
Turning your face away fro
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 27 22
Beyond the gates [Various x reader] Part 14
Waking up earlier than you were used to, you strode to the backyard and made some morning exercises. Stretching, some strength training and some relaxing yoga-poses as well. You wanted to be ready for your training, you knew that the Military Police had gained itself a bad reputation lately and you wanted to prove them wrong.
Straighten your legs you bended over and tried to reach your toes with your fingertips. Dressed in your casual sportswear you could feel how the hem of your pants decided to travel south.
"Stupid pants.." you mumbled as you pulled them higher.
"Oh I wouldn't call them stupid."
Turning around you faced a pretty small soldier, even smaller than Levi.
"What do you want Connie? It's not time for breakfast so why are you already awake?"
"I'm always up at this hour. When Berthold is sleepy in the morning he oversees me easily and I won't end up overran twice."
You snickered at his remark. It’s not like you had spent a lot of time with him until now, but you were o
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 10 3
Liar Part 4 [Levi x reader]
Levi’s POV
“Damn, where is she?” I hissed while dipping my feather in the ink.
“I told her that she should bring me my cravat and tea today and where is she? I’m sure she’s causing trouble again. Probably she has managed to throw her soup in Erwin’s face this time, but then again, he would never chase her out of the walls. To be honest, I’m extremely angry at this moment. Or not only because of now, she just made it worse.
At first, she has been so unrespectful since joining the Scouting Legion and she always thinks that she’s something better than the others just because Erwin likes her. Or at least she acts like it.
Secondly, why do I always have to be her victim?
And thirdly, what’s wrong with her lately? She has always been this unrespectful and now, all of a sudden, she’s so extremely nice towards me. And then this weird incident yesterday.
Okay, I won’t lie to myself because it’s useless anyway. I like
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 69 35
Beyond the gates [Various x reader] Part 13
You entered the dining hall, the light that shone through the windows letting you look like a real goddess. Then orange glow around your head when the sunrays got reflected by your (h/c) hair. You didn't seem to walk, you seemed to be hovering over the floor, one foot in front of the other, hips slightly swaying from side to side, the dress moving synchronically with your little movements, you made your way to Eren who sat alone at the table, awaiting you with his hands placed on the table while he nervously fiddled with his fingers, afraid that you had rebuffed him.
All the boys followed you with their gazes, or not only the boys, also the girls but there was a difference in how they looked at you. The boys were gawking at you, dreaming about a date with you while the girls either took notes about your look or they were jealous and tried to glare you to death.
Slightly smirking you kept your pace while you past the said people and eventually made it to Eren, brushing along his arm wit
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 16 5
Beyond the gates [Various x reader] part 12
On the meadow behind the HQ you could make out your friend Hanji and the young titan-shifter next to her.
Waving, you ran towards her until you came to a hold in front of them, panting heavily. You leaned over and put your hands on your knees, trying to calm down your hard breathing.
As you finally could breath normally you raised your head and grinned at Hanji, who was happy to see you.
"(f/n), what are you doing here?"
"I just wanted to see the famous titan-boy in real life" you said as you patted Eren's back. He blushed slightly at your action and turned away from you, making it impossible for you to look at his pinkish cheeks.
"Oi shitty glasses, you didn’t ask me if I was okay with you kidnapping him!"
You would have noticed this voice everywhere and so you flinched, knowing that he would stand beside you any second.
Eventually you decided to turn around and play like nothing had ever happened but as soon as you saw him, you could feel how your courage faded into thin air.
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 16 15
Levi~ by 6221asiangirl Levi~ :icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 9 3
Liar Part 3 [Levi x reader]
Raising from the ground, you walked past Mai and made your way towards the little window that illuminated the room.
Propping your hands up on the dusty windowsill, you looked out of the window, your calm face looked like the one of a cute goddess as the sun shone on your acquaintance.
With your eyes shut tight and a happy smile on your face, your head was titled up towards the never ending love and energy the sun offered to the ones down on earth.
While you were drowned in your thoughts, Mai glanced at the note that you had left on the ground. Not changing the position of her legs, she simply rolled on her knees and picked the note up.
Not daring to disturb your peaceful stance, Mai silently twisted and turned the note in her hand before she opened her mouth in a silent yelp.
You heard her sharp inhale and furrowed your brows, before you opened your eyes and immediately closed them as the light hit your eyes.
Grunting in annoyance, you turned on your heel while rubbing your eyes and dr
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 66 20
Mature content
Attracted or afraid? [Levi x reader] |RQ| :icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 156 44
Liar Part 2 [Levi x reader]
Changing your dress to one that wasn’t sticking on your skin, you had to decide between a very short dress and one that looked like you wanted to join the Wallists.
Propping your arm up on your hip, you hummed as you debated with yourself which one would be better until Vanessa grabbed your short dress, pushed you on your bed and threw your dress in your face.
Grabbing the dress you pulled it off your face. The tension in the room rose as you tried to glare Vanessa to death who just stood there, observing her nails before her eyes flickered to you for a brief second. Throwing her long blonde hair behind her shoulders she furrowed her brows before she held her nose high up in the sky and said, “C’mon, (f/n). You want to seduce the Corporal and that WON’T work if you look like a wallist. Show a little more skin, if you know what I mean.” she smirked at you.
“I thought I should make him fall in love with me and not ride him?!”
“If it
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 60 14
Liar Part 1 [Levi x reader]
Waking up early in the morning, you cracked your fingers that were hurting from the day before. Your hair fell over your shoulders while you rubbed the sleep off your eyes and scanned the room to find your two friends sleeping soundly next to you.
Today was the first day of your new role, the role of playing the loving girlfriend. You had never played this role before though and the more you thought about your new task, the weirder you felt.
Should I kiss him?
Or...send him shy glances?
Maybe I should go and tell him that I love him...
Or...dammit...what should I do?
Shifting to the edge of the bed, you planted your feet on the ground, put your hands on your knees and heaved yourself off the bed towards your closet. Titling your head to the sides, you let the last bones crack into place before you stretch out your arm and grab a neatly folded shirt and dress yourself with it, followed by your jacket, trousers, belts and boots. 
Glancing over your shoulder, you let you
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 97 24
Liar Preview [Levi x reader]
Sighing you pushed a (h/c) shimmering lock behind your ear while you stared with disgust at the cloth in your hand. Dipping the dirty piece of fabric in the bucket of water next to your knees, you weren’t pleased as the little crumbs of dirt that you already whipped off the ground now touched your fingers. Swirling the rag around the bucket you eventually took it out the dirty water and squeezed the soaked cloth. Looking in the little waterfall that came out of the rag, you furrowed your brows at the sight in front of you. The water looked like you felt. Like shit.
“It’s pathetic!” you yelled as you threw the cloth against the wall, leaving behind a blot of water on the stones. The single drops slowly ran down the stonewall as you rose from your position, grabbed the bucket and cant the water out of the nearby window.
“What is it, (f/n)?” your friend asked you with a similar annoyed voice like yours.
“Don’t you think it’s pathetic?
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 100 38
Mature content
Devil's cage [Master!Levi x Slave!Reader] :icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 244 89
Favor [Levi x reader x Petra]
Running your fingers through her hair, you removed the knots before you began to part her hair in three equal parts and braid it.
“Your hair is so silky, you should really style it more often.” you mumbled while you were concentrated on her hair, trying to use the same strength for every new strand you lay over the other.
“I know, but no one can style my hair better than you, (f/n).”
“Lame excuse, Petra! You are just too lazy, aren’t you?”
“Maybe.” the light brown haired woman replied, a smile tugging on her lips.
You smiled as you finished her braid and used your hairband to hold the braid in place. While she turned around, a glint of curiosity sparkled in her eyes.
“(f/n), I’ve been wondering something...”
“You don’t have to hide anything from me, tell me.” you replied with a genuine smile on your lips.
“Who do you love?”
The blunt question of your friend had taken you aback and so y
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 418 160
Beyond the gates [Various x reader] part 11
A night full of nightmares, sweat and a hurting wrist and shoulder later you woke up by the sweet scent of your favorite (favorite tea) tea and the scent of freshly backed bread. You peeked an eye open and saw how Hanji put the plate next to her nightstand and side-glanced at your awoken figure.
"Oh, I see you're awake. Wanna eat something? I thought that you don't want to see those two morons this morning so I brought you something, I hope you like (favorite tea) tea, I saw you drinking it the other day."
Sleepily you smiled up at her. Even though she is a crazy, over enthusiastic and titan obsessed woman, she's still caring, generous and has a good heart.
You tried to push yourself up into a sitting position but your action got cut short by a shot of pain in your wrist. Hanji saw how you flinched in this moment and sat next to you, rubbing your back.
"Don't rush yourself; I'm sure Angelique is fine all by herself."
She left your side and vanished in the bathroom only to come back wit
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 19 14
Beauty [Bertholdt x reader]
Your name was in everybody’s mouth. The boys were discussing how they could make a move on you and the girls tried to gossip about the tiniest things you did. Honestly you didn’t care anymore. It was your daily-routine to get one or two squeezes here and there, and to hear your name fall from the jealous girls’ lips.
But it was annoying, it was always like this! No one cared about your true self, everybody just saw your beauty and skills and that’s what everybody fell for. Not your true self, your beauty. But one day it was enough, you wanted to change something, you wanted to change the situation and see who really likes you. It was a lot of work. Convincing Keith to ‘send’ you back to the frontier so that you could put on a mask to disguise yourself. Surprisingly he agreed to your request with the remark “Hopefully the morons will stop gawking at your behind during 3DMG training.”
You two faked your exclusion. The next day it was time.
:icon6221asiangirl:6221asiangirl 460 327


The Compendium: Persona by JVCA The Compendium: Persona :iconjvca:JVCA 360 87 Attack on Titan by Myme1 Attack on Titan :iconmyme1:Myme1 6,400 289 Erwin by Dantelian Erwin :icondantelian:Dantelian 338 24 YOSHI Dragon Sculpture - Buzhandmade by buzhandmade YOSHI Dragon Sculpture - Buzhandmade :iconbuzhandmade:buzhandmade 3,409 277 Back to Neverland - R.I.P. Robin by Naschi Back to Neverland - R.I.P. Robin :iconnaschi:Naschi 2,873 210
A Moment Like This|LevixReader|
    Levi was sitting at his desk looking at the patches that were scattered across his desk. They were none other than the patches of his deceased squad and you, his one and only wife. It has been a year since the squad was killed in the battle with the female titan. Levi had told himself it was all his fault, that he should have been there to help but of course it was to late. When he had found the first bodies he had quickly searched everywhere for, telling himself that you were still alive. Of course he was pulled into reality and he had found you. You were laying on the ground with your eyes closed and a smile on your pale face. After that day Levi was even grumpier and rough than before. His whole life just came to a complete stand still.
    And now it was a year later.
    Levi grunted and grabbed all the patches, putting yours on the top. He was holding them in his hands when a knock came to the door.
    "Name and Business." He stat
:iconsamfury3:samfury3 107 60
Marciline doodle by koukousha Marciline doodle :iconkoukousha:koukousha 22 2
Seven Minutes in Heaven: Erwin x Reader
Erwin Smith
Of all the people's names you could have drawn from the bag, it had to be the commander of the entire scouting legion. In glanced around, unable to find the blonde in your first pass. 
"Is he even here?" You mused quietly, brow furrowing in concern. 
You looked up at Hangi, a shy smile on your lips. "Umm...the commander?"
Hangi barked a laugh. "Erwin, no use in hiding!" she called out to the other side of the room. A mumble rippled through the crowd. 
You shrunk back when Erwin gently pushed his way through the small mob of people. His eyes were cast downward, covered by blonde eyelashes. Once he was free of the crowd he glances up, catching your eyes. A small smile slipped onto his lips, and suddenly you felt your face warm. 
"C'mon, cadet, up and at 'em" Hangi chuckled, pushing you in the direction of the commander. You stumbled but quickly righted yourself with the aid of gentle but firm hands. You cast Erwin a grateful look for a ha
:icontheotherzephyros:TheOtherZephyros 478 41
Tabeneko - Sushi Backpack by Meoon Tabeneko - Sushi Backpack :iconmeoon:Meoon 434 28 Vanilla, Accursed Lady by yuchenghong Vanilla, Accursed Lady :iconyuchenghong:yuchenghong 5,489 83 Kyoukai no Kanata by Naschi Kyoukai no Kanata :iconnaschi:Naschi 3,522 180 Maleficent by Naschi Maleficent :iconnaschi:Naschi 4,606 211 Sylvari by yuchenghong Sylvari :iconyuchenghong:yuchenghong 4,658 104 Steam by XxAjisai-GraphicxX Steam :iconxxajisai-graphicxx:XxAjisai-GraphicxX 58 17



6221asiangirl's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello :iconmoesmileplz:

This is my second dA channel for my Fan Fictions

I would love to write in German, Chinese or French but there aren't a lot of people who would read them...
But English is fine :D

Hope you like it and See ya~ :iconyuihugplz:

Some other awesome authors who didn't have enough place in the 'favorite wrtiers' gap:
Kitkat1690, whyshouldibebothered,cookieROCKS, ReinaChan22, KurooUsagii-chan

My big brother: :iconbalrog936: (he's my brother in real-life 8D)
My best friend and waifu: :iconcherishe98: I'm proud to say that I've such a wonderful person as my friend! :*
My Onee-san: :iconsunnychiso: my super awesome big SISTAAA :P

Free counters!

P.s. I love spheal xD aaaand~ wanna chat? Just send me a note :)

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DA watermark by Sophibelle I like this stamp because it says it in a polite way and not something like "If you reupload my work I will hunt you down and kill you!"
The Difference Is Clear by Mintaka-TK Just felt like saying...
Okay guys, I''m back.

I can't tell you how sorry I am...I don't even know whether a word exists that expresses my sense of guilt.
So anyway, I'm sorry for letting you down for such a long time;-; Please don't hate me .-.
You all know that dA is an important part of my life, and I know that you are still waiting for Liar and BTG (and all the one-shots huehuehue)
I've been very busy lately :/ I had to handle a lot of personal stuff, prepare Cosplay workshops and I had a lot of exams recently. I just....didn't have any time to check my dA frequently.
But since everything is back to normal now, I hope that I can soon upload my stories! I haven't been uploading anything for AGES. I feel like everyone forgot about me and I'm a stranger for all the new (and old) writers and readers xD
So for the ones who did forget about me: Hey :D I'm Akisa, nice to meet you~~ I was saying, I'm doing my best to upload my stories and to become more active on this page again.
I made tooooo many pages and staying active on all of them at the same time is....impossible^^"

So...I wish you aaaaall a wonderful evening/day~~ :heart:



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My mom is my translator, too! XD

Thank you :heart: :3
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 your welcome by the way! :)
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